Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm sorry

So I've been a total fail at keeping up with Kelly thus far. But this I vow, I WILL CATCH UP. In the mean time, in apology:

My neighbor in Rochester used to make her children write apology letters whenever they did something wrong. They had to write what they had done wrong and what they SHOULD have done. Looking back at this, I do believe my neighbor was an absolute genius. This is one from Jack (7?) to Carly (5?)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

kitteh. oh kitteh

This kitten literally begged me to take her home. She said that she was a poor lonely orphan ( I almost pulled a Wilson on her, pointing out the kitty with the large nipples behind her) and that her only chance was for me to love her and kiss her and call her George.

Poor George. Unfortunately for her I have nerves of steel. My only action was to email my good friend Tenley, who happens to live 5 blocks away, and mention that there was a very pretty orphaned kitty in need of a good home.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Iron Girls

So KellyGo said she start blogging again if I matched her post for post. Considering the fact this would mean Kelly! in my RSS more! I'm all for it.

I love this picture with which she started our agreement.

Though I squirm a little at the thought of it. I had just finished taking this picture of Todd and Liam:

Saying as I clicked, "Big strong men!" Kelly chimed in with "big strong women!" after I finished and I realized I hadn't even thought to ask Thea to flex for me. I turned and saw my big strong women friends showing their muscles and fierceness.

I hope that in the future I'll always remember that little girls need just as much of a chance to show off ferocity as little boys do. Maybe more.

Just as much as I remember that little boys need the chance for fairy wings too.